Checking in, moving on.

Went to dinner last week with the fam for Lauren & Michael's last week in Dallas. They are moving to Midland, TX. We'll love them and miss them and wish them the best of luck!
Owen was with Gigi. It's such a blessing to have both sets of grandparents so close to us. I'm pretty sure Owen loves it at much as we do, too.

This kid knows how to take a photo.

He looks like he's modeling that baby bib. So relaxed, confident. Work it, son.


Meeting Santa.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three



I think all Kanye West videos would be made better simply by removing Kanye. I know they say, "Don't hate the player, hate the game," but with him it's flipped. I love his music - his public persona, not so much.
On the other hand, I am loving the Mavs' lineup. This is truly a good group of guys, on and off the court, and I hope they go far this year.


First Mavs game and the Diaper Derby.

We took Owen to his first Mavs game. We got great seats and everyone came along with us - Nana & Grandpa, Gigi & Poppa, even Lauren & Michael. Big O was on the Fan Cam a couple times. Not only that, Owen was in the Diaper Derby on the court! He went head to head with Jason Kidd's son (dressed as Winnie the Pooh). Owen was intimidating as the dragon, but he hasn't quite mastered crawling yet. It didn't dampen his spirits though. Go Mavs!



Owen is becoming a little more mobile everyday. He started on his play-mat and ended up halfway under the couch. 100% boy, and maybe an extra 5% dust bunny.